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NJE-24  ORION 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector KT100 Check Mate Semen Detection Kit DD3150 RF Signal Detector & Camera Finder
NJE-24 ORION 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector

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New Smaller, lighter,2.4 GHz transmit frequency.

A Non-Linear Junction Detector detects the presence of electronics, regardless of whether the electronic target is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off.

The ORION 2.4 quickly detects and locates hidden electronic devices and is designed for:

Commercial security applications such as checking corporate board rooms or offices for unauthorized or hidden electronics,
Searching secure areas for hidden or prohibited electronics,
Searching for contraband cell phones or other electronic contraband in prisons

The ORION 2.4 locates hidden electronics in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, or containers. An antenna-mounted line-of-sight display lets the operator focus on the target while sweeping. The NEW ORION 2.4 transmits at 2.4GHz frequency for detecting small electronics such as SIM cards and cell phones.

DIGITAL MODULATION & CORRELATION: provides improved detection & minimizes interference.

WIDE BANDWIDTH TRANSMIT SIGNAL: 1.25MHz increases detection sensitivity

MULTIPLE ALERT METHODS: Alert tones and vibration alert can be selected to alert when signal levels surpass the trip levels

LINE OF SIGHT ANTENNA MOUNTED DISPLAY: allows user to focus eyes on sweeping target and display at same time.

2.4 GHz TRANSMIT FREQUENCY: for detecting small electronics


SMALL LIGHTWEIGHT: weighs 2.8 lbs/1.3 kg


SYNTHESIZED TRANSCEIVER: frequency stability and agility to automatically search for clean operating frequencies (2.404GHz - 2.472GHz).

CIRCULARLY POLARIZED TRANSMIT AND RECEIVE ANTENNA: removes risk of missing a threat due to incorrect antenna polarization.


  • Display:
  • Antenna-mounted Display
  • Bar Graph Display for transmit power level, 2nd harmonic level, 3rd harmonic level, data field display, for other information (operation mode, low battery, volume, DSP gain, etc.)
  • Transmitter:
  • Frequency Bands: 2.404GHz-2.472GHZ
  • Transmit Channels: Manual or auto selection, more than 60 available
  • Transmit Power: 3.3 watts E.I.R.P.
  • Power Control: Manual or Auto Control
  • Transmit Modulation: Digital 1.24 MHz BW
  • Receiver:
  • Simultaneous 2nd & 3rd harmonic receive Digitally Correlated
  • Frequency Bands: Transmit Band (2.404GHz - 2.472GHz); Second Harmonic (4.808GHz - 4.944GHz); Third Harmonic (7.212GHz - 7.416GHz)
  • Sensitivity:140 dBm for both harmonics
  • Battery Specifications:
  • Input AC: 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz
  • Run Time: >8 hours per battery (typical)
  • Charge Time: 2.5 hours per battery (typical)
  • Batteries: Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery (2 included)
  • Extension Lengths:16-51 in (40.6-129.5 cm)
  • Overall Length Extended: 58 in (1.5 m)
  • Case Dimensions: 6.25 in x 14.9 in x 18.5 in (15.9 cm x 37.8 cm x 47.0 cm)
  • ORION 2.4 Dim: 22.4 in x 3.75 in x 3 in (57 cm x 9cm x 7.5 cm)
  • ORION 2.4 Weight w/Battery: 2.8 lbs (1.3kg)
  • Case Weight Including ORION 2.4 & Accessories: 11.6 lbs (5.2kg)

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•Custom built products such as Hidden cameras

•Activated GPS Tracking devices

•Counter-surveillance detectors

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Put an end to suspicions of infidelity and doubt with this CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit. When you need to find a hidden camera this little detection device can
find it two ways, 1- using the powerful set of red LED’S and view finder
to locate the lens of any camera 2- using RF detector to pick up
transmission of Radio frequency.
DD3100 RF Signal Detector & Camera Finder C1250C Teddy Bear Camera Color Hardwired DD802 LawGrade Defender Simple 10GHZ
Find wired or wireless cameras using this small detecton device. Used by
all levels of law enforcement, private investigators, or DIY user.
DD3100 detects wireless audio and video devices with frequencies between
20MHz - 6GHz.
When you think of a Nanny Camera think of the Teddy Bear surveillance system When you need a detection device that offers simple operation matched
with quality performance, the DD802 Defender is the perfect choice.
Equipped with both RF detection and a camera lens finder, this handheld
device is capable of finding transmitting and non-transmitting video
surveillance devices.
DD3200 Cell Phone and GPS Detector DD1210 Credit Card Size Bug Detector G2000 Parent/Fidelity Solution Package
The DD3200 is ideal for basic operations like tracking down regular or concealed GSM mobile devices. Quickly find and detect concealed transmitting cellular devices up to 30 feet away in GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA transmission ranges. The DD1210 is the ultimite in covert dectection device its slim card style designs is packed with professional features. Created for continous protection, body worn appliaction. The Parent/Fidelity Solution Package is one of the latest Solution Packages from KJB Security Products. We've combined two of our most popular items to address parental or spouse/fidelity concerns. The Spy Cobra PC and iTrail GPS Logger.
NG2000 White Noise Generator Law Enforcement Grade DD12051 RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand DD12031 iProtect RF Wireless Signal Detector
When a person or business is concerned about eavesdropping happening on private conversations or in meetings the NG2000 has been designed specifically to address these concern. UPGRADED to 8GHz- The iProtect RF detection wand, easily fits in user
hand to conceal action while sweeping for bugs of different types.
Perfect fit for both professional and novice users, simple to use, and
allows operator to locate the source.
Created for the high end Law Enforcement and professional countermeasures market the DD1200 can discover hidden cameras by using a powerful infrared principle which reflects the cameras optic lens.
NG4000 Cell Phone White Noise Generator Law Enforcement Grade VC1200 iStranger Voice Changer for Smart Phones DD804 PRO-10G Cell Phone and GPS Bug Detector
The NG4000 Cell Phone Safe has been designed to detect the illegal activation of a mobile phone. In addition to this main function, the NG4000 also creates interference to the surrounding area of the telephone’s microphone

Made Exclusively for KJB: The iStranger is a unique voice changer that is compatible with most existing cell phones including Smart phones. Simply insert into the headset jack, hold the iStranger to your ear like a phone receiver and speak normally.

The PRO-10G is the complete detection device for finding hidden GPS units on a vehicle and for anyone concerned with being watched or listened to. It will detect and locate ALL bugging transmitting devices within a range of up to 35-40 feet and will detect surveillance used for major wireless eavesdropping as well as, Cell Phone 3G/4G, Bluetooth and Wifi. The Pro-10G is equipped with up to 10GHZ RF detection.
NG3000 Mobile Noise Generator Law Enforcement Grade DD1215 RF Micro Pointer Wireless Signal Detector & RF Test Device Wand DD1200 Hidden Camera Detector Law Enforcement Grade
Protect from evesdropping or recording with the NG3000 Rabbler. The NG3000 Rabbler creates  an additional barrier of interference which masks your speech. The iProtect 1215 brings powerful handheld detection to the DIY user.
Conventional RF detectors are typically capable of discovering signals
up to 4-6 GHz. Higher frequencies generally stay unstudied during
sweeping procedures, unless you've invested in an expensive spectrum
Created for the high end Law Enforcement and professional countermeasures market the DD1200 can discover hidden cameras by using a powerful infrared principle which reflects the cameras optic lens.
DD801 Law-Grade PRO Sweep Defender Deluxe 10G DD1206 Professional RF Detector Now Up To 12GHz DD1207 RF Wireless Signal Detector and Test Device Law Enforcement Grade
When you need a detection device that can do it all, the DD801 Law-Grade
Pro should be your first choice. Equipped with 5 different detection
features and detects up to 10GHz. The DD801 can help deter even the most
hard-to-find surveillance threat.
The Protect 1206i is a new class of counter surveillance device. Unlike
all typical searching devices it can detect modern 'hidden' bugs which
use such protocols as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at a long distance. Such bugs,
especially Bluetooth types, are practically undetectable by common RF
detectors due to their very low transmitted power and special type of
The DD1207 a reliable tool for tracing different digital transmissions such as GSM, Bluetooth and other wireless transmissions (Cellphones and GPS transmissions). The sensitivity of a common RF detector (bug detector) is spread along a wide frequency range, usually 3, or even 6-7 GHz.
NG5000 Druid White Noise Generator VPC2.0 Video Pole Camera w/One Camera Head Pole Length 6 Feet VPC2.0 Deluxe Video Pole Camera w/Both Camera Heads Length 6 & 12 Feet
Top-of-the-line protection system. This is the only device in the world which can give 100% protection to your conversations against interception or recording. The DRUID NG5000 creates powerful interference against all kinds of listening devices! Expand your visual inspection capabilities REI’s new VPC 2.0 Video Pole
Camera extends the view of surroundings, above drop ceilings, behind
immovable objects, around corners or other difficult to reach areas,
even in dark situations.
Expand your visual inspection capabilities REI’s new VPC 2.0 Deluxe
gives you 2 cameras! This Video Pole Camera extends 12.5 FT for the view
of surroundings, above drop ceilings, behind immovable objects, around
corners or other difficult to reach areas, even in dark situations.