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DVR230 Flash Drive Style Video Camcorder DVR95 Prograde Minicam Camcorder DVR231 Water Bottle Style HD Camcorder
High definition portable video recording is easy with this self
recording DVR disguised as a USB Flash drive. Get one hour of battery
power or continuous powered video surveillance via your computer's USB
A new low price model has just arrived! Packed inside this small rugged DVR is a color CMOS camera with 640x480 resolution capable of a frame rate of 30fps.
A hidden camera that looks and feels like a water bottle! You can even drink from it while recording.
DVR279W WiFi Stick 1080p DVR w/Camera DVR707 USB Stick Style HD DVR w/Camera DVR703 Pen Style HD DVR w/Camera
With Wi-Fi technology and the ability to capture 1080p high resolution
footage, this body worn Wi-Fi Stick Camera is the perfect covert
solution for law enforcement investigations and business loss prevention
use. This next generation small, body-worn camera is one of the most
covert solutions on the market with new high-tech features.
This little USB stick is really a hidden camera with super long battery
life up to 10 hours! You never know when you might need to catch a thief
or see if your kids came home on time with our USB Hidden camera you
can do just that. Easy to set up no wires no install hassles. Works with
battery saving motion detection or continuous recording  for when you
want to video your favorite sporting event or your kids games Never miss
the action with this USB Hidden Camera.
There are lots of Pen Camera recorders on the the market today but there
are not a lot of quality Pen Camera recorders. With our Pen Camera you
get clear true HD quality recording, motion detection and a functioning
realistic pen. One touch turns it on or off making it easy to capture
video on the go. Our Pen Camera can hold up to 128 GB memory card and
has an easy slide on the back to choose between motion or continuous
recording modes.
DVR006 HD Micro DVR With Camera DVR0071 Mini Camera Thumb Size Camcorder DVR290 Video Glasses With Built in DVR
At only 2 3/4 inches on the biggest side this Micro DVRs is so small it can be hidden in anything and is perfect for mobile and stationary covert operations. So small, you can take it anywhere. This tiny thumb size camcorder can record video and still shots, easy to operate with 80 minutes of recording time you will always get your shot. Unlike other models on the market today these glasses are slim, light weight and stylish. No one would suspect that you are wearing a recording device with a built in 720p HD camera
DVR202W LawMate Wi-Fi Key Chain DVR DVR253 DVR Wall Switch DVR262 Wireless Mouse Style DVR
DVR253 DVR Wall Switch
Our Price: $295.00
See the action live in HD from your smart device using the Wi-Fi Key Chain Camera and DVR. Putting any room under surveillance is as easy as flipping a switch with our Switch Cam. This self-recording camera/DVR features HD recording capability. An HD covert camera that looks like a wireless mouse! Will give you the
ability to record video undetected. It has a PIR sensor allowing for lo
recording function with a built-in DVR.
DVR267 Smart Watch Style HD DVR w/Camera New for 2016 DVR271 Remote Control Style HD DVR w/Camera DVR2541 Wall Socket Style 1080p DVR w/Camera
How cool is this? A smartwatch style video camera that can record
video in any situation! Just push the button and start recording, when
you're done just push the button again to stop recording. All of your
recordings are stored right on the micro SD card for playback.
With 1080p resolution and PIR sensor for quick activation recording this
TV Remote DVR is the coolest hidden camera form we have seen in a
while. Packed with versatile features on the inside, it's ordinary
enough on the outside that no one will suspect it's really a full HD
camera and DVR.
Our popular LawMate Outlet Cam is now updated to 1080p. Equipped with a
long life rechargeable battery, motion activated HD color camera, and a
built-in recording system, this Outlet Camera blends into any
environment for discreet recording.
DVR2561 Digital Thermometer Style 1080p DVR w/Camera DVR274 Slim Black Box Camera DVR276 Phone Holder Style HD DVR w/Camera
Now our Weather Clock Cam is updated with full HD! Equipped with a long
life rechargeable battery, motion activated camera, and a built-in
recording system you can capture video whenever and wherever you need it
Get voice recording and video recording with this Slim Black Box Camera featuring 720p resolution. The perfect hidden camera for cars, looks and works like a cell phone
dash mount for your car, when in fact it is way more than that its a
1080P full camera and recording  system built into Cellphone car mount
holder. Put this in your car whenever you are concerned about
you,someone else or your cars safety.
DVR273WF IP Wi-Fi iPhone 6 & 7 Case Style HD DVR w/Camera DVR255WF AC Adaptor Style Wi-Fi DVR DVR264WF iPhone Charging Dock Case Style Wi-Fi DVR
Our popular LawMate iPhone 6 Case DVR is now updated to feature wi-fi
over IP. This hidden camera is disguised as an ordinary iPhone case with
an extended battery. Concealed inside is a camera and DVR capable of
recording up to 180 minutes of video. With the Wi-Fi capability and free
app you can remotely access your live video from your smartphone or
This hidden camera is the Wi-Fi version of our popular LawMate AC
Adaptor DVR. Disguised as an ordinary AC Adaptor and powered by a
regular household outlet, this hidden camera allows the user to
connect a Wi-Fi signal and stream live video anywhere in the world
on a smart phone.
This hidden camera is disguised as an ordinary iPhone case with an
extended battery. Concealed inside is a camera and DVR capable of
recording up to 180 minutes of video. With the Wi-Fi capability and free
app you can utilize a smartphone to control and live stream video from
anywhere in the world.
DVR265WF Android Charging Dock Case Style Wi-Fi DVR DVR266WF Wi-Fi USB ADAPTER STYLE HD DVR w/CAMERA DVR268WF Wi-Fi USB ADAPTER STYLE HD DVR w/CAMERA Multi-National Plugs
Disguised as an ordinary Android charging dock this hidden
camera and DVR appears to be charging your iPad/iPhone while covertly
recording its surroundings. With the included Wi-Fi capabilities you can
control, download, and stream video from anywhere in the world on the
free app.
Inside this ordinary USB charger hides a covert camera and DVR
featuring 1080p resolution. The built in Wi-Fi allows the user to stream
live video on a smart phone from the free app.
The Industry's First Innovation! Covertly designed this USB charger
hides a camera and DVR that is powered by an AC outlet, which means NO
batteries. Simply plug in and start recording. With built in Wi-Fi the
user can stream live videos on a smart phone from the free app.
DVR269WF Wi-Fi Power Bank Style HD DVR w/Camera DVR550W Wi-Fi Body Worn HD DVR w/Camera DVR202 HD Key Fob Camera and DVR
This fully functional Power Bank is a camera and dvr system enabled with
remote veiwing via Wi-Fi using our free App. Because of its large size
battery its a long lasting portable covert camera , especially great for
those hard to reach areas.
This body worn camera comes equipped with the smallest 5MP pin-hole
camera and records in 1080P HD video. With Wi-Fi built in, using the APP
you can stream live video feed from your smart phone or tablet.
Covertly record video in HD with this handheld hidden Key Chain Camera.
It's onboard DVR system takes a small SD card while the pinhole cameras
records surveillance video in HD.
DVR1200 Battery Operated 1080p DVR w/PIR & Built in Camera DVR261 Coffee Cup Lid Style DVR DVR257 Smart Phone Hidden Camera 1080P W/DVR
This black box hidden camera can be setup and deployed rapidly. Designed
by LawMate to be a portable DVR, it comes with an external PIR sensor
and is equipped with 1080p HD video resolution.
This ordinary coffee cup lid conceals a built in DVR camera, giving you
the flexibility of surveillance anywhere on the go. With a one button
push start, you can casually record subjects undetected continuously for
115 mins.
Perfect for undercover missons this camera and DVR are discreetly disguised as a Smartphone. This law enforcement grade DVR records video using full HD. Record instantly with one push of a button and store on a SD card.