An arson investigation basically focuses on four areas:

  1. Proof of incendiarism – comes from an examination of the fire scene by a qualified cause and origin expert.

  2. Proof of opportunity – focuses on the security of the building when the fire was discovered and who had access.

  3. Proof of motive – focuses on the insured’s financial condition, profit or loss from operations and cash flow.

  4. Miscellaneous connecting evidence – includes an examination of the insured’s insurance history, operability of fire and burglar detection systems, how insured learned about the fire, etc.

Arson Investigators respond to fire scenes and sort through the aftermath to determine the cause and origin of the fire. In some cases investigators are authorized to collect evidence. Some are sworn law enforcement officers with full powers of arrest to charge persons suspected of being involved in arson-related activities.

Specialists receive national certifications as fire and explosion Investigators, have experience with structures, vessels and vehicles. Experience and expertise sometimes include investigations into the circumstances surrounding the events and include the preparation and legal documentation, research, test burns and preparation of extensive and complete report findings, which include on site photography of residential and commercial structures, vehicles, and much more.

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