Computer forensics traditionally involves data collection and preservation techniques for the purpose of data recovery, tracing origin and securing evidence to meet the Court’s criteria.

Investigators are hired in today’s world for help in divorce cases, corporate spying, monitoring teenagers, confirming suspicions in a relationship (either personal or business), and many other specific areas.

Computer Forensics is the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques in the interests of determining potential legal evidence.

The forensic examiner then renders an opinion, based upon the examination of the material that has been recovered,  to determine if it has been used for criminal, civil or unauthorized activities.

Computer forensic detectives examine data storage devices – hard drives, portable data devices (USB Drives, External drives, Micro Drives and many more). The ultimate goal is to:

Identify sources of documentary or other digital evidence:

  • Preserve the evidence.
  • Analyze the evidence.

Present the findings. Computer Forensics also involves unlocking passwords/electronic discovery/data recovery/secure data deletion/e-mail recovery/divorce computer investigations.’s network of forensic agents provide reliable, comprehensive and confidential investigation services.

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