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Detectives.com is an accredited group of Private Detectives that together form an international network of the most respected professionals in the industry.
These Network professionals – backed by the industries # 1 domain name, Detectives.com – leverage the power of the network to enhance the quality of their work product, and pass on cost saving solutions to their customers.
The Detectives.com Network Program provides quality exposure, wholesale pricing and discounts for services aimed at improving the look, efficiency and operations of the member’s business.
Detectives.com Member Affiliates receive the benefits and tools to take their business to the next level.
Member Directory
Network Directory The network member directory offers exclusive territories for referrals. Affiliate members are listed at both the state and local levels.
Each affiliate has a large territory often spanning a large populated area. Affiliates have exclusive local territories and don’t compete for customers with other agencies.
New clients find affiliate members through the directory.
The website attracts quality prospects looking for help.
Premier members have their own unique page (URL Link). As a result, search engine spider programs pick up these member pages – which then appear in all the search engines organic listings.
The member directory is also used between member agencies looking for help with work outside of their local jurisdiction.
Our directory members gain exposure by utilizing the power of the industry’s # 1 domain name to drive the most qualified prospects found anywhere online. They know where to go, who to see and how to handle your situation. They ask the right questions and get results. We understand the importance of information you need and we obtain it fast – at the most competitive rates!

Marketing Exposure


Marketing Benefits Agency directory members have exclusive territories affiliates don’t compete with other members for customers search engine marketing campaign top rankings in generic listings traffic from shopping comparison sites traffic from database search partners the most qualified prospects found anywhere online prospects with confidence in industry’s premier domain name marketing campaign included in initial subscription fee.

National Marketing Campaign The Detectives.com Network is a place where affiliate directory members gain exposure by utilizing the power of the industry’s # 1 domain name. Our affiliates have exclusive local territories and don’t compete for customers with other member agencies.

Referrals Prospective clients come to our site with complete confidence in our network. They trust the Detectives.com name – a powerful domain name with high natural search engine rankings.
We guarantee total customer satisfaction, a promise backed by our affiliate members with quality work, timely service and competitive rates. The result is traffic containing the most qualified leads of any site online.
Detectives.com has unique strategic partnerships with national database firms that specialize in low cost searches. These partners provide a revenue source that is solely used to drive qualified prospects to the site. Our members benefit from the runoff traffic including corporations, lawyers, insurance companies and other “repeat business” prospects who need local professional help from our affiliates.
Our affiliate members also benefit with traffic from legal portals and major search engines (such as Yahoo, Google, MSN Live search and many others). Furthermore they gain exposure from the traffic flow from shopping channels that feature our full line of Detective gear. Many prospects looking for spy products today are qualified leads looking for professional help in the weeks ahead and the powerful Detectives.com name is easy to remember and will become their home for professional help.
As we continue to expand these strategic partner programs our affiliate members benefit from additional sources of traffic without paying any pay for click fees.

Promote your Agency


Wholesale corporate logo merchandise Market your business with products containing your logo calendars, pens, badges, coffee cups, flashlights, usb drives over 750,000 items to choose from, anything with your logo premiums, incentives, gifts, promotional products wholesale program with savings up to 30% no tax outside Illinois (save additional 7% on orders) our graphics department helps you with your logo needs get free quotes on orders virtual samples emailed for convenience wholesale corporate logo program included in subscription fee

Your Logo Send your clients a mouse pad to put on their desk and suddenly their looking at your logo every day! The power of Promotional Products should never be underestimated.
The Detectives.com network has access to over 750,000 products. Simply shoot us an email on the event and our trained staff emails you a quote filled with ideas at wholesale prices.

Brand Your Agency Calendars, pens, badges, coffee cups, flashlights, USB Drives…thousands of items that can be used to brand your agency…all at WHOLESALE Prices. Compare our prices to your local provider and you will find savings up to 30%. You can add another 7% for Agencies outside Illinois (no sales tax).
Our experienced staff of trained promotional experts provide you with free quotes and virtual samples, which are e-mailed for your convenience.
Our personal service, and driven desire to find the best solutions for our members at wholesale makes us your only sensible choice for Promotional items.


Get your PI Website Market your business with a custom website outlining your complete list of services, case request form and contact page,

Domain Name and Email service Website includes a custom domain name and email service. Hosting is included.