As stated by, Forensic accounting or forensic auditing. If you have been the victim of fraud or a financial crime, a forensic accounting investigation can find the criminals responsible and can halt further loss. A forensic auditing investigation by a professional can recover some assets and can uncover exactly when and how money has gone missing or how and when a crime has taken place.

Forensic computer investigations. These forensic investigations recover data from computer and computer equipment in order to solve a crime or find evidence of misdeeds. This forensic investigation is often used when an employee or individual is accused of a cyber crime. It is also used when a business computer system is compromised by crime and the culprit needs to be found.

Crime scene forensic investigations. These investigations gather fingerprints, blood, bodily fluids, and other evidence found at the crime scene in order to solve a crime or even determine whether a crime has taken place. .

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